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No hay una versión completa de PowerPoint 2016 disponible en español. Sin embargo, al hacer clic en el enlace a continuación, podrá visitar los recursos que le ayudarán a guiarlo a través del proceso de aprendizaje de PowerPoint 2016 para que pueda utilizar mejor PowerPoint en su entorno educativo.

PowerPoint Basics
Working with Slides
Text and Objects
More Objects
Review and Collaboration
Customizing Your Presentation

Final quiz
The above quiz will assess your basic knowledge of PowerPoint. You need to score 80% or higher to pass this quiz.

PowerPoint Final Assessment

Exemplary (10)

Accomplished (9)

Developing (7)

Beginning (5)


Information presented in logical, interesting sequence

Information in logical sequence

Difficult to follow presentation--student jumps around

Cannot understand presentation--no sequence of information

Subject Knowledge 

Demonstrates full knowledge by answering all class questions with explanations and elaborations

At ease with expected answers to questions but does not elaborate

Uncomfortable with information and is able to answer only rudimentary questions

Does not have a grasp of the information. Cannot answer questions about subject


Explain and reinforce screen text and presentation. Minimum of 2 per slide

Relate to text and presentation. Minimum of 1 per slide

Occasionally uses graphics that rarely support text and presentation. Less than 1 per slide.

Uses superfluous graphics or no graphics


Uses a variety of sources in reaching accurate conclusions. All are .gov, .edu or .org. Minimum 3

Uses a variety of sources in reaching conclusions. Most are .gov, .edu or .org. Minimum 3

Presents only evidence that supports a preconceived point of view

Does not justify conclusions with research evidence

Screen Design

Includes a variety of graphics, text, and animation that exhibits a sense of wholeness. Creative use of navigational tools and buttons

Includes a variety of graphics, text, and animation. Adequate navigational tools and buttons

Includes combinations of graphics and text, but buttons are difficult to navigate. Some buttons and navigational tools work

Either confusing or cluttered, barren or stark. Buttons or navigational tools are absent or confusing

Oral Presentation/ Elocution / Eye Contact (Optional as determined by teacher)

Maintains eye contact and pronounces all terms precisely. All audience members can hear

Maintains eye contact most of the time and pronounces most words correctly. Most audience members can hear presentation

Occasionally uses eye contact, mostly reading the presentation, and incorrectly pronounces terms. Audience members have difficulty hearing

Reads with no eye contact and incorrectly pronounces terms. Speaks too quietly 



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